The Ordinary products have a cult-like following. Picture: F Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal

Cult brand Deciem to shut following founder’s online meltdown

BEAUTY fans are in panic mode after the CEO of cult beauty brand The Ordinary revealed the company’s shock closure in a bizarre Instagram post.

Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem, the beauty company behind insanely popular brands including The Ordinary, NIOD, and Hylamide, made the abrupt announcement yesterday.

In a confusing, minute-long video, Mr Truaxe said the entire Toronto-based business would be shut down, citing “major criminal activity”.

In the video, a visibly emotional Mr Truaxe says: “Hi everyone, I am Brandon Truaxe, founder of Deciem … This is the final post of Deciem. We will shut down all operations until further notice. We have two months. Please take me seriously.”


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He continues with: “ … almost everyone at Deciem has been involved in a major criminal activity, which includes financial crimes and much others.

“You have no idea what a soldier I have been over 13 years.

“I have been made fun of as a porn actor and as a f***ing drug dealer and everything for 13 years. It’s all ending now.”

The post was flooded with comments, with Instagram users variously describing the post as “crazy” and “unstable”.

A slew of high-profile celebrities including George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck were also mentioned in the post’s rambling caption.

The Deciem website has already been shut down and stores in Toronto have also reportedly closed.

The announcement has sparked a flurry of panic among fans of the company’s products, with many social media users announcing plans to snap up any remaining products they can track down online.

However, some have speculated whether the post could be an elaborate publicity stunt designed to ramp up sales.

“I really hope #theordinary/#Deciem drama is a marketing ploy, because my skin is about to be trash. Also if yes, it totally worked. Just made a huge order. So touché,” one Twitter user posted.

Deciem products are still available at the moment through stockists such as Adore Beauty.

However, founder and director Kate Morris told said she did not know what would happen in future.

“We do have some stock available for The Ordinary, NIOD and Hylamide at present,” Ms Morris said.

“We love working with the Deciem team in Australia, and feel for them at this time of uncertainty.

The Ordinary products have a cult-like following. Picture: F Martin Ramin/The Wall Street Journal

The Ordinary products have a cult-like following. Picture: F Martin Ramin/The Wall Street JournalSource:The Wall Street Journal

“Unfortunately we don’t have any additional info at this time.”

It has been a year of controversy for Mr Truaxe, after he sensationally sacked his marketing team in January and personally started posting on the company’s social media platforms.

He was also involved in a public stoush with rival skincare brand Drunk Elephant, described staff members as “monkeys” and insulted members of the public who questioned his behaviour.

Other high-profile employees — including former co-CEO Nicola Kilner and CFO Stephen Kaplan, have also departed the company this year.

The Ordinary has amassed a cult-like following in recent years thanks to its affordable products which focus on a single ingredient.

The Ordinary items regularly sell out and customers have had to be placed on waiting lists when new, hyped-up products are released.


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